Lg tv no sound with hdmi

lg tv no sound with hdmi Blu Ray Player Setup: Set the HDMI Control to ON. Whenever I select the Audio Output of "HDMI ARC", I get silence. In my TV (LG) it's called SimpLink. I tried connect via hdmi to port no. Set your tv or hdmi whichever one shows up, as the default sound. In this setup, even though TV EDID shows surround formats (PCM, AC3, DD+, DTS) are accepted, only "stereo" appears in the Windows Sound configuration options. With ARC audio and video are delivered to the TV same as always. I have changed the sound output on the TV settings to ARC and tried auto & PCM and still have no sound. Whlst the LG TV only has a single HDMI port I tried with and without a digital HDMI switch-box, makes no difference. When I use an AV input, I get the sound both on the TV and via the optical output to the sound bar. Set the ARC to ON. Works great. I get no audio either on the TV itself or via the optical audio out to my sound bar. h) The Sound should then play through your HDMI hookups to the TV. we'v tried what seems like . Tech Support I don't see the TV in my sound options and i'm wondering where I need to look to get the sound working. Set the HDMI Control to ON. fruitfly my hdmi cable is a 1. And when I test it, the bar next to the LG TV-1 output does light up like audio is going through the HDMI cable, but I'm not getting any sound out of the TV. 1 with GTX 1050 Ti. If LGTV can’t be found in the list, inquire PC manufacturing company for driver installation. The issue here is that HDMI cables, as the name indicates, carry audio signals to the monitor. If the sound is heard on another TV, reconnect the source device to the TV and continue with the steps below. The cable box on my 75”LG on HDMI port 1 lost sound all of a sudden. Try Netflix again. Plug the surround-sound receiver (if any) back into the power and turn it on. Yes, I am using a Sony Home Theater system. Plug the source device back into the power and let it go through its startup routine. Hopefully, this solved the problem. I'm using a Windows 10 64-bit Pro desktop PC which is up to date with Windows and driver updates. HDMI Output to LG TV Not working. Listen, you may not know this but the OPTICAL OUTPUT and ARC on HDMI, Those are OWNED by specific companies. The Sound Out is set to External (Optical/HDMI ARC), although it often returns to default internal speakers. Secondly, ensure you connect the cable correctly on both the device and your TV. Tv. Hi all, just connected my G53 up to the TV via HDMI . Make sure sound bar has its CEC turned on and configured to be powered on/off by TV. 3. Have to disconnect all tv/soundbar/btbox from mains elec and restart including BT YouView box startup (takes ages) and sound works ok again. i get no sound from any of my three HDMI sources. I tried disabling it on the TV as well, but for some reason as soon as I power off the TV it resets the "SIMPLINK (HDMI-CEC)" and power control settings to enabled. Method 2: Update the Sound driver. I have a Lg tv does fire sticks work with this tv no sound: How to set my Sony smart TV and Samsung BD-player to make the hdmi-ARC work? Current there is no sound. This is the same for the PC. I read somewhere on the forums that stopping the video disappears after adjusting the sound. Dolby Labs owns Dolby, Toshiba owns Tos-Link Optical output. Finally, plug the other end to the HDMI IN (ARC) port on your LG TV. Everything has been fine, clear picture and sound. You'll need to use an optical (fiber optic) cable instead, which you'll hook up to the Digital Audio Out port on the back of the tv. Ok i have a 65in lg tv no picture but sound how can i fix it?? Technician's Assistant: Have you made sure all cables connected to your LG TV are securely attached to both the TV and the outlet? Yes i did that. 1 depending on your TV. I have a nice, new ultra high speed cable from Monoprice connecting the receiver (HDMI out A - ARC enabled) and the TV (HDMI 2 - ARC enabled). Also, try connecting the Cable to another device. I don't think I know anything beyond what I've posted, but if anyone could help me . I can't say 100% because at the startup, the audio works sometimes for some seconds, then it stops with a fuzzy sound from the LG speaker. THE HDMI port of the cable connects to the tv , the other part connects to my pc( my pc has no HDMI port) . The latest HDMI standard, HDMI 1. I am already using a h: On and off and sound won't work on my dish remote . Yesterday when I want to play the music video, there are no sound at all, but the picture is OK. Actually I'm still testing (that's why my delay to response) I reinstall 'LG TV-4' sound driver and since then the sound it's good, but, 2 days ago the 'volume icon' suddenly desapear. - The output jacks for these cables may be damaged. I have connected the pair via HDMI using ARC HDMI 2 on the TV and the ARC HDMI on the Yamaha. It plays audio signals from the LG TV to the receiver of a home theatre system. If you have external speakers you can plug them into the audio out slot on the back of the monitor and the problem will be solved. 6. Check the connection and make sure the HDMI cable is working properly. With HDMI ARC, you can also connect other components such as Blu-ray players and PS4 to the soundbar. Press the HOME button. PC running Win 8. The WD connect via HDMI to my samsung’s HDMI port no. HDMI to TV No Sound. The first issue involves the use of HDMI ARC. Reconnect the HDMI cable to the HDMI IN (ARC or eARC) input of the TV and the HDMI OUT (ARC or eARC) of the audio system. It just doesn't produce any sound. and LG calls it SimpLink. I have connected my computer to my LG tv via DVI cable. com/shop/techlifestyle ||--. LG HDMI Monitor No Sound - Solved (Windows) IN: https://www. . Not the TV. This should work, if not please say so! hope it helps! Thats what I said, lol. HDMI port itself is not broken on the LG TV as a PS3, Xbox 360 and a Sky cable-box works perfectly with sound on this TV. b) Select Device Manager. My laptop has played video back in the past with no problem. As the title says, I've tried connecting my TV to my computer with an HDMI cable, and the video part works, but no sound plays. Which is to say, if you're running a Blu-ray player via HDMI to your TV, and then a optical cable from the TV to your sound bar, you might not be able to get 5. Old title: No Sound on TV (HDMI) Hello, I'm having trouble getting the sound to come out of my TV when hooked up to my laptop through the HDMI port. After the Update, I don't see the second screen as "TV LG" but now is "Intel Audio(R) Display Drivers - HDMI 1" and the audio doesn't work 99% of the time. I tried both SD and HD channels. a) Press Windows key + X key when you are at desktop. Answer (1 of 2): Seems either the backlight went out or the capacitor blew out. I have same issue but with a twist. Every app I try can only play sound through the built-in TV speakers. The TV input control automatically changes the input source to your Fios® TV set-top box when you press the STB button on your Fios remote or set-top box. I thought the port was the problem because when I plugged my HDMI cable to the other HDMI ports 2, 3 and 4, video and audio worked well and when I reverted back to the HDMI port 1, audio would be absent. When my laptop is connected to my TV via HDMI the laptop display shows on the TV but the sound plays though the laptop speakers and not the TV. It worked fine when I had windows 7 (same HDMI cord) but ever since upgrading to windows 10 it hasn't worked. TV is LG so I emailed them and they said that it should work and that I should try a new HDMI cable 1. TV is an LG OLED55B9, Soundbar is a highend samsung (can't remember exact number, but probably q80r) and i've tried 4 different HDMI cables. If using an LG Home Theater, Sound Plate, or Sound Bar, refer to Device Has No Audio - Sound Bar/Sound Plate/Home Theater No Sound from HDMI Input. Technician's Assistant: Are there any HDMI cables or A/V jacks (red, yellow, and white cables) plugged into your 65IN? Answer (1 of 2): You didn’t mention the model number of the LG TV or the Yamaha receiver, so I can only assume what connections they have Since the Yamaha receiver doesn’t have an HDMI output, I doubt it has HDMI input either, so you wouldn’t be able to connect HDMI AV equipment (STBs/DVRs, DVD/. Fortunately, as frustrating as sound dropout can be, your TV is rarely the reason for it. Now when you connect your HDMI cable between your laptop and TV, sound should come from monitor or TV again. I have connected my Surface 2 through the HDMI adaptor to our Visio TV. Connecting your soundbar to a TV through HDMI will give you the best audio because HDMI cables transmit sound digitally. And THERE'S your reason Why. TV Setup: Set the Sound Source to External Speakers. 11. So . 07-21-2011 07:10 PM. If you still have no sound, repeat the steps above, choosing the other option in Step 6 before you continue troubleshooting below. The TV is showing in the display list but not in the sound list. The video from all of them is fine. Mar 8, 2014. When your player shows a picture with no sound, that usually indicates one of three things: - Your HDMI or Audio/Video cables may not be properly connected to the BP220 or the TV. end result surround system. It shows up, didn't have to check for disabled devices, etc. 2 on Intel Stick STCK1A32WFC, installation went fine, but there is no sound through hdmi on lg tv, and if I start playing video, it freezes immediately after a couple of seconds. Note: This step determines if the issue is with the source device or the HDMI cable. When connecting LG TV audio output to speakers, remember that some models have 2 RCA jacks for the output of the right and left channels. Turned off TV and WDTV turned them on (and in reverse order) - no change with HDMI sound out. . 1 I could never get the sound to play through the TV. #1. Any ideas? Try this method if your tv suddenly has no sound. I have tried ALL the steps found on the FAQ. Watching tv and the screen just went black have tried turning off and on and unplugging audio still works fine I can change channels and hear different audio but no pictures through cable component or hdmi. Consult the LG BP220 troubleshooting page for further details. I tried switching the known-working PC HDMI input with the cable box input, no luck. The system not permit change default to hdmi, it's frozen. You should be able find the tv in control panel -> hardware & sound -> sound. I have a LG 55UB850T TV & a Yamaha YAS-207 sound bar. When Enabled my television eventually times out from the Internet and I am forced to disable HDMIARC before it will allow me to. The picture is perfect HD but there is no sound - i have done research and i have tried the playback option tab to set it to default and i have clicked the show dis-activated devices . I'm connected directly to TV (OLED65C7P) via hdmi and then on to LG soundbar (SH7B) via hdmi ARC. Disconnect the power cords and HDMI cables from both devices. Firmware: 03. 3 and campable of transmitting the audio this is a setting on some of these lg tv's i have been told in the past that some lg tv's wont take audio via the hdmi ports how true this is im not sure but no matter what i do no audio. Leave the devices disconnected for two minutes. 1 i've had a problem with my TV not showing up in the audio playback and devices section, I used to use it all the time when I had windows 8 and as soon as I upgraded to 8. Windows has a lot of built-in troubleshooters to troubleshoot common Windows issues. There is only one HDMI port on my laptop, so I know I'm not using the wrong one. I get picture but could not get any sound to the TV via HDMI. Disconnect the HDMI cable from the HDMI input of the TV, and connect the source device to a different TV. 07-22-2011 06:47 AM. Video was fine but sound was non existent. - Your HDMI or Audio/Video cables may be damaged. It's usually very easy to solve and rarely indicates a critical problem, which is great because that means 99% of the time, it won't require replacing any of your electronics. check it outPlease like and subscribe! PC connected to LG OLED CX via HDMI with no sound. This set-top box feature can help you avoid experiencing a “blank" screen, “no video” or "no signal" message on your TV. 1 using the same HDMI connector and everything works fine. Sony or Samsung owns ARC. There is no problem with the HDMI cable or TV as my wifes laptop plays video to the TV with the same HDMI cable with no problem. Select Sounds at Windows Control Panel. Make sure turn on power on/off HDMI devices via Simple link. Report Post. Turn off both devices. If it works, it means that the problem is from the HDMI port and not the cable. HDMI TV won't show up in audio devices Hi there, recently after upgrading to Windows 8. If not: Disconnect any components in the HDMI signal path and connect the HDMI source device directly to the TV input. We see the picture, but there is no sound from the TV, only from the Surface 2 speakers. Step 1: check the HDMI signal format in the settings of Android TV. Select Audio output. Tv is hisense: Solved! How do I get my fire stick to produce sound!!! Quick fix for HDMI so signal issues on all HDMI ports. My 2019 nvidia shield pro works just fine in all these formats, going from my TV to my Sonos ARC via HDMI arc. 2. I tried connect via component cable and composite cable, both are just fine with audio and picture are OK. 1 pass through. c) Double-click Sound driver from the left panel to Update. g) There should now be a check mark on that option, make HDMI sound output as default . If you've connected a computer to the TV and want to make sure the audio comes through the TV's speakers, follow these steps: Mac: Navigate to Apple menu > System Preferences > Sound > Output and select your TV or HDMI output. When I checked the list of playback devices, the TV appeared (as shown below), but it apparently cannot play sound. - LG 32CS560 The TV finds the soundbar fine, and displays information and control the inputs correctly, i can turn it off and on through the tv remote and lower and increase the volume. Once you add additional sources, you might try to use LG's device connector setting to control the device and this is where HDMI ARC stops working. Configure your computer's audio to route through the TV (optional). The optical digital audio out is a fiber-optic cable. Select HDMI audio. Try to use a different audio cable; your cable may have stopped working. I have an LG OLED 65 inch TV. Perform a power reset on the TV and audio system. I have even tried installing a later version of the driver and the most updated version of the driver. Again . LG TV - Connecting to a Home Theater System or Sound Bar with ARC : Audio Return Channel (Netcast) [Narrator] Not all HDMI is created equal. 4 so pause the audio return channel or ARC. Today I updated my Nvidia Drivers through the GeForce Experience which I have done ever since it launched, no problems ever. Switch on tv in morning and no tv sound through bar. Did you use a surge protector power strip? If you didn't, the TV wasn't protected by sudden surges of electricity and the capacitor got damaged (usually happens during a lighting storm but can happen other ways). It is the OLED 65B7 a model. amazon. AV Receiver Setup: Set the HDMI Control to ON. Unfortunately . Samsung TV has low or no audio As beautiful as the image on your screen is, sound still remains an important function, or you won't get the full experience of your favorite show or movie. The picture is perfect but I cannot get the audio to work aswell. Your soundbar then connects to your LG TV through one HDMI cable. There are 2 ways to connect your soundbar with HDMI: you can connect a device to your soundbar (like a Blu-ray player) and then connect the soundbar to the TV, or you can use ARC (Audio Return Channel). Check control panel of your PC whether you have sound/audio device. 4 or higher (which I did, still no sound!) and that if that didn't work it would be "down to the graphics card of your laptop and it sounds like it doesn't have an integrated sound card". The speakers work fine with everything except my LG ARC, including optical and BT from the LG and the ARC from a JVC TV, but I just can't get them to work off the ARC from my LG TV. All show video, but no audio. I have only digital audio (S/PDIF) option that no sound out if a change to that. LG Apps work, sound test works. LG. in/shop/techlifestyle (affiliate links)US: https://www. The HDMI audio on your LG TV may not work because of issues with the HDMI cable, the HDMI port, or your device’s sound output settings. Checked mute and volume on cable box (didn't change anything when switching the cabling). 1 Uncompressed or 7. Method 7: Use Sound Troubleshooter. Oled55C9 tv and SL9YG soundbar connected via ARC HDMI. Technician's Assistant: Are there any HDMI cables or A/V jacks (red, yellow, and white cables) plugged into your 65IN? Then, connect one end of the HDMI cable to the HDMI OUT port on the soundbar. Select LG TV among playback device and right-click to set as basic device. This means that the tv is not the one that is chosen to the play the computer sounds. i have checked in play back devices that the tv is default device, checked audio and graphics card drivers they are all . The problem happens when your TV is already sending sound through HDMI ARC to a AVR and you try to connect additional sources like dth or blueray player to additional HDMI ports of TV and AVR. For example you have no sound on HDMI TV when connected to Windows 10 on an Acer E5-571 laptop. Select Settings. I checked all volume and mute setting on the TV and on the Beyonwiz. 1 Uncompressed. From my experience of LG OLED TV, you need to do a few things for ARC sound to work: 1. Answer (1 of 2): You didn’t mention the model number of the LG TV or the Yamaha receiver, so I can only assume what connections they have Since the Yamaha receiver doesn’t have an HDMI output, I doubt it has HDMI input either, so you wouldn’t be able to connect HDMI AV equipment (STBs/DVRs, DVD/. || LG TV Displays No Signal Message ||When a No Signal message appears on the TV, (repair tv no hdmi signal problems easy solution) the TV cannot detect a si. I am having an issue with streaming services and audio. I restart than ok. The first item on that list—sending audio from the TV to the soundbar over HDMI—requires gear capable of something called HDMI ARC, or Audio Return Channel. Then I started playing on my TV, but sound only comes out of the laptop. So, no surround sound is being transferred over HDMI from my RTX2060 to my TCL r615 TV which is capable of dolby atmos/ dolby digital plus / standard 5. If none of the TV channels have sound, it is likely due to the TV’s sound or volume settings, firmware bugs or connection issues with an external speaker. Change Audio Output to Stereo; The HDMI graphics card may support HDMI Video, but may not support HDMI Audio; if your HDMI video card does not support audio, you may need to connect additional audio cables between the PC and TV. There is perfect video, just no audio on the TV, it comes out of my laptop instead. But now in the age of smart TV, your television is the source. However, it is NOT working with the TV apps on the LG C9. Fix #9. Edit: All the good feedback from everyone seeking assistance from this video has been exceptional, thankyou . No sound using TV as monitor with HDMI cable The picture is fine but there's no sound, it says that the "Spatial sound" is off and doesn't give me an option to turn the sound on for anything but headphones. I have played around for hours with the TV settings. I've gone into the control panel, manage audio devices, and set the LG TV-1 as the default device. Television Has No Sound Answer 3: Make sure TV input is correct (someone may have accidentally pressed the “aux” input button or similar causing the TV to use an input with no sound going to it) Television Has No Sound Answer 4: Make sure there is not a pair of headphones connected to the TV audio out jack on the side or front of your TV. I have also tried getting the driver for Windows 7 (I am using Windows 10). I replaced my Topfield 2400 PVR (1080P) with a Beyonwiz U4 (2160P) on HDMI 1. The TV says PCM in the info bar at the top when switching to the HDMI input that the cable box is on. I've connected my PC to my LG TV via the cards HDMI. Check The HDMI Cable: First, check the HDMI cable to ensure there’s no visible cut on the cable. Make sure sound bar is off. This particular solution is for all users having problem with integrated default Intel drivers. 2 in my samsung tv, the sound and picture is OK. Set the Audio Input to HDMI, not to AUDIO (this was the thing that caused my issue with the sound). The hdmi connection is the issue here, your tv is too old to support that connection for this purpose, as it doesn't have an audio return channel capability for hdmi. Edward Hill got it right for me. Therefore if the monitor has no built in speakers then there will be no sound. 25 Update: After being in contact with LG Support I got the suggestion to turn off Quickstart+, followed by a hard restart by pulling the plug for a minute or so. I have a LG OLED55C7T TV, with the latest software. Make sure SimpleLink (CEC) is turned on. regarding connecting a computer to aN lg tv via dvi to hdmi cable and using the spdif cable too i AM now on my 4th replacment LG tv set, so this is very serious, we managed to work out that you need an spdif cable to connect a dvi to an hdmi connection so as you can get sound, but it still doesnt work. The "No HDMI Signal" problem is a common issue that most people with at least an HDTV have encountered. I have uninstall and reinstall the sound drivers. No Sound But Great Picture While Watching Netflix On Lg Smart. If you find sound not playing through HDMI after connecting to the TV with an HDMI cable, please follow the steps below to troubleshoot the issue. I installed LibreElec 9. TV Model 47LH40. - LG 32CS560 I tried disabling it on the TV as well, but for some reason as soon as I power off the TV it resets the "SIMPLINK (HDMI-CEC)" and power control settings to enabled. Change the option in the drop-down menu to either 5. Make sure the audio wire you're using is correctly and securely connected to both the TV's Audio-Out port and the sound device's Audio-In port. Changed soundbar and cables, checked all settings on tv. I have had this problem since I bought the laptop in October 2013, when it was running Windows 8, it is now running Windows 10, which has made no difference. 1. hi, i have my pc connected to a LG flatron 22" tv by hdmi cable the picture is fine but the audio does not play through the tv, a jack cable from the pc to the tv does not work either, if i use the jack plug into separate speakers it will play the audio through the speakers. We have connected another computer running windows 8. I get a great picture but no sound. Connect the power cords to both devices. lg tv no sound with hdmi

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